Whitmore Farm is a small farm in Frederick County, Maryland emphasizing sustainability and specializing in heritage breed livestock raised outdoors on pasture.

Our lambs are grass fed and grass finished.  Our hogs and poultry are also outdoors on pasture and their diets are supplemented with our own custom blended feed. This way, we can ensure only the highest quality ingredients with no antibiotics or hormones. Try our products and experience the difference!

Our goods are currently sold to select local restaurants including Tail Up GoatVOLT, RANGE, Pinea, The Dabney, Parts & Labor and Woodberry Kitchen.

We will not be participating in any farmers markets for the 2017 season.  Individuals may purchase our products through direct, on-farm sales, seven days a week, 9-5:00.  Best to email in advance to confirm we have what you are looking for.

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