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We are SOLD OUT for spring 2015 ewe lambs but will have some nice spring 2015 ram lambs.


We have begun breeding again for a fall 2015 lambing and expect to have new lambs born in late September and October 2015.

If you'd like to get on our waiting list, please let us know via email and we can add you on.

We typically price our 'average' (middle third) ewes and ewe lambs for sale at $300 per head, and our 'premium' ewes and ewe lambs (top 1/3) for $450 each. I do occasionally have adult ewes for sale.

We only sell PREMIUM rams at $450 a head. Generally, as rams represent 50% of your genetics, there is no reason to use 'average' genetics when picking a ram.

We typically cull the bottom 1/3 of our ewe lambs and about 90% of our ram lambs.

Animals are ranked based on performance data generated on every lamb born on the property. Looking at their performance data more closely, we can pick out the animals coming off lines with high milk production, strong maternal traits, feed efficiency, and parasite resistance.

Once the animals are stratified by performance, we can also pull out any stock with structural issues like bad hocks and poor bite.

We generally select for:

1. High performance on grass. We provide no supplemental grain and all of our ewes complete their pregnancy on high-quality hay only.

2. Type A and AA coats.

3. A target weight of 130 to 150#'s for my adult ewes.

4. Good parasite resistance - despite heavy parasite loads, our adult animals rarely need deworming.

5. Carefree maternal traits - any mothers that show any hesitancy in caring for their lambs are culled immediately.

6. A calm, easy disposition.

7. No conformational defects. My preference is a wide bodied, long and low animal with good thickness to their frame.

8. Good DAG scoring. No one wants to look at poopy behinds, even if they have good parasite resistance.

We do generate performance data on all of our lambs including adjusted 60 and 90 days weights.

Inquiries for breeding stock should be made via our main email at <>.



75% katahdin/25 % TEXEL

DOB: 11/5/2012


Unique opportunity to add some texel genetics to your flock with their world famous muscling.

This ram is recorded with KHSI and his offspring (87.5% katahdin) can be upgraded to registered at one year of age if they pass their coat inspection.




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