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FOR SALE - Silver Fox breeding stock


ilver Fox rabbit breeding stock are available three to four times a year. We select only the largest bucks and does from each litter for breeding stock candidates. Then we evaluate the coat to ensure good, even silvering and fur that stands up when stroked.
It is advisable to get on a waiting list because any rabbits not sold at weaning get butchered to meet our customer demand for rabbit meat. Buyers get to choose from available kits in the order they are on the waiting list.  Black Silver Fox breeding stock, weaned at 8 weeks, are $50.00.  Blue Silver Fox breeding stock, weaned at 8 weeks, are $75.00.  We do not sell adult breeding stock.  We do not ship rabbits, on farm pick up only.
Please email me to get on the waiting list.  info@whitmorefarm.com

Customer comments:

Hi William,

Just wanted to drop you a line, the two Silver Fox we got from you this summer, the doe placed 2nd out of 15 junior does, and the buck placed 1st out of 5 junior bucks.  Thanks for helping Jordan and me find such great bunnies.  P.S., they have great personalities, gentle and love to be petted.

Stephanie Vance - Steubenville, OH