Whitmore Farm currently has two programs available each with a unique focus - short term internships and long term apprenticeships.  Both offer housing, food and a weekly stipend.

Our short term internship is a 4-6 month program designed to give participants an introduction to what farm life is all about.  You will be exposed to all aspects of the operation and leave with a general overview of what it is like to raise food in a humane and sustainable manner.  The internship program is suited for people that are unsure about entering a career in agriculture.

Our long term apprenticeship is a 6-12 month program designed to give participants more in depth knowledge regarding the technical aspects of animal husbandry, intensive flower production and the skills necessary to run a small business.  The apprenticeship program includes paid educational workshops and conferences to ensure exposure to other types of farming and networking opportunities.  If you have already interned on other farms, or already know you want a career in agriculture, the apprenticeship program is for you.

The time of year dictates the farm activities that an intern will be exposed to.  We lamb in the spring and farrow April thru September.  Chicks are hatched March thru July and again in October.

Winter interns will also be working in our greenhouse and high tunnel designed for year-round production of vegetables and cut flowers.

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Our summer interns focus on finishing and retailing of our meat and cut flowers.  Butchering of animals.  Working at the farmers' market in Washington DC. Animal maintenance and breeding programs, rotational grazing and pasture management, and continued flower production both in the polytunnel and out in the field.

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Both an internship and an apprenticeship are excellent opportunities to learn more about farming from the ground up. If you're interested in a career in farming, wonder what it is like to live and work on a farm, or if you are passionate about sustainable agriculture, Whitmore Farm is a an excellent place to start.  Interns and apprentices work 5 days a week with 2 days off to explore the DC, Baltimore, and Frederick region.  Apprentices also get 2 weeks of paid vacation.

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Many interns have never worked on a farm before.  Although we try to screen people to identify those we think will be a good match, if for some reason either the intern or farmer feels like its not working out, the internship/apprenticeship may be terminated at any point.

If interested, email the following information to Will :

1.  Name, address, age, education and telephone number.

2.  Reasons for wanting to internship/apprenticeship at Whitmore Farm.  What do you hope to take away from the experience?

3.  Desired time period for the internship/apprenticeship.  When you are available to start and how long you would like to stay.

4.  Please list any dietary restrictions, allergies or physical limitations that may affect your ability to perform certain tasks on the farm.

5.  Describe any agricultural, animal or plant experience you have had to date.

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